Reward Points Scheme

As a new system beginning 30/11/18, we are offering a reward points scheme to customers who have an account with us. These points are acquired both through the purchase of items, and through bonuses, such as Birthdays. These points will be backdated for all previous purchases made through accounts, so you don't have to worry about missing out on points by having ordered your items before the scheme came in.

Recieving Points

Points can be acquired in the following ways. This list will be kept updated as new bonus types are added to the scheme

  • Buying items - 1 point is earned for every £1 of items purchased from our webshop
  • Signing up - 100 points are recieved for creating a customer account 
  • Subscribing to the newsletter - 100 points are recieved for subscribing to our Newsletter
  • Completing Purchases - a bonus 10 points are added any time a purchase is completed
  • Buying Clearance Items - the points gain is tripled for any items bought that are on clearance, bringing the total to 3 points for every £1 spent
  • Birthday Bonus - We send you 250 points as a gift each year, two weeks before your birthday

Spending Points

Each point earned is worth 1p when redeemed in your cart. You can use any number of points on any given purchase to reduce the price.

Just enter the number of points in the "Apply Rewards" section beneath the items on the shopping cart page.

Reward Points Scheme
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