Coach Kim Seminar


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N.B. Venue has changed, event will now take place at the University of Hertfordshire

Aim4sport is proud to announce that Korean Olympic Coach Kim Hyung Tak will be visiting the UK to present a 2 day seminar at the University of Hertfordshire on Sat 30th and Sunday 31st March 2019.

Lunch will be provided for all delegates along with a small memento of the day.


Timings and categories for the seminar will be as follows:-

Day 1 – Morning

  • About archery and basic skill
  • Stance
  • Hooking
  • Set up
  • Drawing
  • Anchor
  • Aiming
  • Full Draw
  • Release
  • Follow Through

Day 1 - Afternoon

  • High level skill
  • String alignment
  • Use clicker
  • Expansion time
  • Pre training Expansion

Day 2 - Morning

  • Analysis archers skill and teaching method

Day 2 - Afternoon

  • Teaching for beginners
  • Teaching for Release
  • Equipment control
  • Bow tuning

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